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FINISHING NEW ALBUM at Rocktorium Records RI in MAY!

I am heading to the Ocean State, Rhode Island, to record my latest album in May! Ted Stevens "Welcome to Florida" will be recorded, produced and released by Ray Gennari at Rocktorium Records in Kingston RI. This is a solo project with yours truly playing guitars, bass, percussion.

I am digging in right now and getting prepped, the recording studio is the ultimate test and Ray at Rocktorium Records doesn't miss a beat or a note. He is a musical sage whose job is to get the best performance out of you. The best take, the best solo, the best note... And just when you think you nailed your performance, he'll ask you to try it maybe one more time, and sure enough...You will dig in and discover riffs you didn't know you had!

I think this is a 5th or 6th record we will be recording together, I can't wait to share these new tunes with everyone! We will also do a Facebook Live Performance from Roctorium Records on

May 17th 7:00-8:30 to celebrate the new record!

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